About SES

The SES promotes the development and strengthening of the interfaces between various disciplines in engineering, science, and mathematics.

university of california los angeles

Ximin He

The 2021 SES Young Investigator Medal was awarded to Professor Ximin He of the University of California Los Angeles for “outstanding research in biologically-inspired materials that endow life-like intelligence into man-made materials and smart devices to advance the fields of energy, environment, robotics, biomedicine, and additive manufacturing and service to the engineering science community.”



University of houston

Cunjiang Yu

The 2021 SES Young Investigator Medal was awarded to Professor Cunjiang Yu of the University of Houston for “his fundamental contributions to the field of stretchable and curvilinear electronics.”


north carolina state University

Yong Zhu

The 2021 SES James R. Rice Medal was awarded to Professor Yong Zhu of North Carolina State University for “pioneering contributions to developing innovative experimental methods for nanomechanics, discovering and understanding fundamental nanomechanical behaviors, and exploring nanomaterial-enabled stretchable electronics.”



GRAZ University of TEchnology

Gerhard Holzapfel

The 2021 SES William Prager Medal was awarded to Professor Gerhard Holzapfel of Graz University of Technology for “outstanding contributions to the inspirational application of solid mechanics in the development of continuum theory, computational methods, simulation and experiment in the biomechanics of soft biological materials.”



Michael Sutton

The 2021 SES Engineering Science Medal was awarded to Professor Michael Sutton of the University of South Carolina for “pioneering contributions to experimental solid mechanics and materials characterization by inventing the Digital Image Correlation (DIC) method to access full-field displacement and strain information on deforming bodies.”





Ellen Arruda

The 2021 SES A.C. Eringen Medal was awarded to Professor Ellen Arruda of the University of Michigan for “sustained outstanding contributions in theoretical and experimental mechanics of macromolecular materials, including polymers, elastomers, composites, soft tissues and proteins, and in tissue engineering of soft tissues and tissue interface.”



PURDUE University

Arezoo Adrekani

The 2020 SES Young Investigator Medal was awarded to Professor Arezoo Adrekani of Purdue University “for fundamental contributions to the fields of theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, particularly in the areas of complex, multiphase, and stratified flows.”

George WASHINGTON University

Grace Zhang

The 2020 SES Young Investigator Medal was awarded to Professor Grace  Zhang of George Washington University “for outstanding research in 3D and 4D bioprinting for engineering complex tissues and organs.”

BROWN University

Pradeep Guduru

The 2020 James R. Rice Medal was awarded to Professor Pradeep Gurudu of Brown University “for foundational contributions to understanding the interaction between mechanics and chemistry in energy-storage materials and heterogeneous catalysis; wavy-surface adhesion and friction; and new experimental techniques and scientific instrumentation that reveal physical mechanisms in multi-physics problems.”

University of TeXAS AT AUSTIN

K. Ravi-Chandar

The 2020 William Prager Medal was awarded to Professor K. Ravi-Chandar of the University of Texas at Austin, “for outstanding work on quasistatic and dynamic fracture of ceramics, metals, polymers, and elastomers based on unique combinations of ingenious experiments and elegant analyses.”

University of Illinois AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN

Taher Saif

The 2020 Engineering Science Medal of SES  was awarded to Professor Taher Saif of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign “for the development of a novel micro-instrument to study small-scale metals and embryonic neurons; applying this instrument to discover: (a) plastic strain recovery in nano-grained metals and (b) a fundamental link between mechanical tension in neurons and memory.”

University of TEXAS AT AUSTIN

Thomas JR Hughes

The 2020 A.C. Eringen Medal was awarded to Professor Thomas Hughes of the University of Texas at Austin, “for pioneering development of the finite element method, used world-wide in science, medicine and engineering, and for creating entirely new fields of research including mathematically rigorous Stabilized Methods, Variational Multiscale Approaches, and Isogeometric Analysis.”


University of Minnesota

Jia-Liang Le

The 2019 SES Young Investigator Medal was awarded to Professor Jia-Liang Le of the University of Minnesota for “fundamental contributions to theoretical and computational modeling of probabilistic failure of quasibrittle materials.”

University of Houston

Pradeep Sharma

The 2019 James R. Rice Medal was awarded to Professor Pradeep Sharma of the University of Houston, “for creative contributions to understanding the science underpinning flexoelectricity and its applications to engineered and biological systems.”


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Arif Masud

The 2019 G. I. Taylor Medal was awarded to Professor Arif Masud of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “for fundamental contributions to the theory of Stabilized and Variational Multiscale Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics and their widespread adoption and utilization in industry and at national laboratories.”


Northwestern University

Horacio Espinosa

The 2019 W. Prager Medal was awarded to Professor Horacio Espinosa of Northwestern University, “in recognition of his influential and sustained fundamental contributions to the multiscale experimental characterization of novel materials and nanosystems.”


Harvard University

Evelyn Hu

The 2019 Cemal Eringen Medal was awarded to Professor Evelyn Hu of Harvard University, “for seminal contributions at the intersection of semiconductor electronics and photonics, and leadership in nanoscale science and engineering.”


University of Illinois

Nancy Sottos

The 2018 Engineering Science Medal of SES is awarded to Nancy Sottos, University of Illinois, for her singularly important contribution to the engineering science of self-healing materials.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lallit Anand

The 2018 William Prager Medal of SES is awarded to Lallit Anand, MIT, for outstanding research contributions to large deformation plasticity theory that are becoming part of the core knowledge of the field and are having a significant impact on its development.


Princeton University

Howard Stone

The 2018 G.I. Taylor Medal of SES is awarded to Howard Stone, Princeton University, for seminal contributions to fluid dynamics research and education, particularly the understanding of low Reynolds number flows, microfluidics, interfacial phenomena, and biological fluid dynamics.


University of Michigan

Ellen Arruda

The 2018 James R. Rice Medal of SES is awarded to Ellen Arruda, University of Michigan, for substantial contributions to the mechanics of engineering polymers and biological materials, with both fundamental and applied impact.


Northeastern University

Nadine Aubry

SES has awarded the 2017 Taylor Medal to Nadine Aubry, Dean and Professor of the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. This award recognizes Professor Aubry’s seminal contributions to the reduced modeling of turbulent and other flows, and judicious microfluidics.



Northwestern University

Yonggang Huang

SES has awarded the 2017 Prager Medal to Yonggang Huang, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University. This award recognizes Professor Huang’s seminal contributions to the mechanics theories with applications to engineering sciences, particularly in research areas of mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity theory, stretchable electronics with biomedical applications, and transient electronics.


University of California, Berkeley.

Xiang Zhang

SES has awarded the 2017 Eringen Medal to Xiang Zhang, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. This award recognizes Professor Zhang’s contribution at the frontier of nicro-nano scale engineering, in particular to novel 3D fabrication technologies in microelectronics and photonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials and superlens, and nanolasers.


Harvard University

L. Mahadevan

SES has awarded the 2017 Rice Medal to L. Mahadevan, Professor of Applied Mathematics, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, and Physics at Harvard University. This is the inaugural award of this medal. This award recognizes Professor Mahadevan’s fundamental contributions to the mechanics and mathematics of elastic instability and pattern formation in physical and biological systems.



Xuanhe Zhao

SES has awarded the 2017 Young Investigator Medal to Xuanhe Zhao, Associate Professor at MIT. This award recognizes Professor Zhao’s fundamental and applied contributions to mechanics of soft materials including design of unconventional polymer networks for tough strong adhesive hydrogels, discovery of new instabilities in soft dielectrics, and development of phase diagrams for surface instabilities.


University of Illinois

Oscar Lopez-Pamies

SES has awarded the 2017 Young Investigator Medal to Oscar Lopez-Pamies, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, at the University of Illinois. This award recognizes Professor Lopez-Pamies’ seminal contributions to the understanding of cavitation phenomena in rubber and the elastic dielectric behavior of filled elastomers by means of novel iterative homogenization techniques as well as the development of effective constitutive model for hyperelastic materials.


Princeton University

A. Cemal Eringen

SES remembers Prof. A. Cemal Eringen, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, who passed away on December 7, 2009, aged 88 years. Professor Eringen was a founder of SES in 1963 and served as SES President from 1963-1973. He was the first recipient of the Eringen medal, which was established in 1975 in his honor. Dr. Eringen’s last writings were on micromorphic, micropolar and nonlocality theories in the foreword he wrote for the volume “Generalized Continuum Mechanics – one hundred years after the Cosserats” edited by A. Metrikine and Gerard A. Maugin, to be published in the collection “Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics” by Springer, New York, Spring 2010. We have lost a colleague, great scientist, and a gentleman.