Announcing the 2021 SES (Virtual) Month: Mechanics matters!


The daily schedule and links to events are posted here. (Note, current SES membership is required, please renew or join prior to Oct. 1st.).

This year’s conference will consist of:

  • Short, interactive 3 hr programs – 10 am to 1 pm EST.
  • Five days spread throughout the month of October.
  • No conference fee, but a current SES membership is required. We encourage everyone to join or renew their membership prior to the first day of October to avoid any delay.

 See the detailed conference schedule here.

Why? We don’t want just another online conference! It is important to bring our SES Community together, so we are implementing a new, dynamic, and innovative format. 


Save the dates (10 am – 1 pm EST)

Friday, Oct. 1     –    Size matters: inspired by micro, nano, architected solids, and slender structures. Fishbowl participants include Julia Greer (moderator), Huajian Gao, Dennis Kochmann, Jaime Marian, and George Pharr.  

Tuesday, Oct. 5  –   Living matter: inspired by biosystems, biomaterials, and biofluids. Fishbowl participants include Guy Genin (moderator), Vikram Deshpande, Dennis Discher, Gerhard Holzapfel, and Greg Sawyer.

Friday, Oct. 15  –   Interactions matter: inspired by coupled-fields, fluid-solid interactions, fluids, and granular and meta- materials. Fishbowl participants include Matthew Begley (moderator), Philippe Geubelle, Ellen Kuhl, Oscar Lopez-Pamies, and K.T. Ramesh.

Tuesday, Oct. 19     Soft matter: inspired by soft materials and structures, soft robots, and soft meta-materials. Fishbowl participants include Ken Kamrin (moderator), Katia Bertoldi, Carmel Majidi, Michelle Oyen, and Zhigang Suo.

Friday, Oct. 29   –  Frontiers matter: seeking inspiration on the direction and nature of mechanics research in the next 20 years. Fishbowl participants comprised of department leaders include Pedro Reis (moderator), Jose Andrade, Cate Brinson, and Samuel Graham.  Fishbowl participants comprised of current and former program managers include William Carter (moderator), Nakhiah Goulbourne, Glaucio Paulino, Thomas Siegmund, and Siddiq Qidwai.

Key Features

  • Live, exciting fishbowl-style discussions with questions solicited beforehand.
  • meet-up and poster session. 
  • One session for all participants for retrieving a sense of community.

Poster Abstract Submission Final Deadline: September 1st, 2021.

Use the following link for abstract submission: CLOSED.

Poster Submission Details: Deadline September 20th, 2021

1) You will be required to upload a full resolution poster in png or jpg format, at least 1000 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, no more than 3MB in size.
2) You are encouraged to upload a poster preview in png or jpg format at a lower resolution, typically half the width and height of the poster.
3) Do not use a transparent background.
4) You are encouraged to provide a link to a short 1-2 minute video (YouTube, etc.)

If your abstract has been accepted, you will receive an email with a poster submission link soon.

Questions for Fishbowl participants

Use the following link to submit Fishbowl questions or comments before September 13th, 2021: CLOSED.

2021 SES Conference Organizing Committee

Shawn Chester

Shelby Hutchens

Shailendra Joshi

Pablo Zavattieri

Kejie Zhao


Anna Tarakanova

More information coming soon!